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Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain

"No matter the source of chronic pain, cannabis may be a powerful remedy to relieve pain and improve quality of life for patients."

February 27, 2023

The Mystery of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be caused by a number of medical conditions. It’s origins can also be elusive, without a definitive diagnosis ever being uncovered. This can be frustrating for patients and doctors alike. Pain typically originates from either tissue damage that causes inflammation, or from damage in the nervous system. Identifying whether tissues or nerves are the source of pain is key in choosing the most effective treatment.

Common Approaches to Pain Management

Chronic pain can be debilitating. It negatively impacts the daily lives of millions of Americans. Prescribed remedies often include narcotic and opioid medications. In fact, one in 10 Americans take some type of pain medication regularly.  

Not only can these medications have negative side effects — including constipation, nausea, and drowsiness — they also carry a very high risk of abuse and addiction. Sadly, about 38 people die each day from prescription opioid overdoses.

Even when taken properly, few pain medications are completely effective, and even fewer work to heal the source of chronic pain.

Natural Pain Relief With Cannabis

Cannabis medicine has shown promise in treating chronic pain more holistically and naturally. It may also help the body to heal.

Cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, specifically CBD and THC, work with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to increase pain-relieving response and inhibit pain signals to the brain and spine.

The Role of CBD & THC

Clinical trials have shown that THC and CBD help to alleviate pain arising from both tissue and nerve damage. Both have anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD aids in natural pain response by increasing serotonin to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with chronic pain. The psychoactive properties of THC also work to relieve pain by contributing to an increased sense of well-being. Simply put, when you feel good, you hurt less.

Cannabis & Your Pain Management Plan

No matter the cause of your pain, cannabis may be a powerful tool in finding relief. It may also reduce the amount and dosages of pain medications many chronic pain patients rely on.

If you’re interested in a more natural path to relief, talk to your doctor about integrating cannabis medicine into your pain management plan. Every patient is unique, but your doctor can help you find the cannabis products that are right for you so that you can live a more pain-free life.

And if you’re interested in getting your medical marijuana card, we’re here to help.

If you’re interested in getting your medical marijuana card, NETA is here to help.

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