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CEO Intensive

Whether through employment or entrepreneurship, our industry is in a unique position to help create real opportunities for economic empowerment in underserved communities.

Black Cannabusiness “CEO Intensive”
Black Cannabusiness “CEO Intensive”

The CEO Intensive will be a holistic business accelerator program, intended to build off of the momentum from last year’s Hot Box pitch competition in New Orleans. We call on the regulators and legislators in the states we work in, to create real social equity programs and policies that prioritize helping entrepreneurs from underserved communities.

  • Priority application review; with reduced application fees
  • Low to no interest loans and grants for startup cannabis businesses
  • State level tax exemptions for legitimate businesses expenses  
  • State funded business training and workforce development
  • Stringent Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) goals with real accountability for meeting those goals

Big Cannabis Should Make a Big Impact

Contact your Legislator!

Currently there is legislation pending with the MA Joint Committee on the Judiciary in relation to expungement and sealing.

  • H.1763/S.1037. An Act providing easier and greater access to record sealing, sponsored by Rep. Malia and Sen. Friedman
  • H.1908/S.932. An Act providing for certificates of rehabilitation, second chances, increased success, and community prosperity, sponsored by Rep. Ultrino and Sen. Brownsberger

Please call or email your State Representative or Senator and ask for their support on these bills. To find your legislator,

Parallel and our associated brands (Surterra, goodblend and NETA) are proud to launch a series of bold campaigns designed to empower our customers and the communities we serve to gain destigmatized access to cannabis for their health and well-being, as well as access to opportunities for economic empowerment and generational wealth building.

At Parallel, we are fortunate to have a privileged position in an industry that can truly transform  lives.  Unfortunately, many of the people who built the foundation that allows this legal industry to thrive are still incarcerated or dealing with the challenges of having cannabis charges on their record.

We are engaging in our communities to push for “Automatic Expungement Now.”  Nobody should have a criminal record for possessing or interacting with a product that is legal or decriminalized in many states.