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NOTICE: Due to internal policies set by banks and credit card companies we cannot accept debit cards as payment. Please be prepared to pay with cash or CanPay.

Banner with medical loyalty rewards in white letters across the top. Join our loyalty rewards program and earn points for every purchase you make. 1 dollar spent is one point, 500 points is $20 store credit

Loyalty Basics:

  • Get 1 point for every $1 you spend
  • At 500 points, you receive $20 off on a future purchase.
  • You can STACK this discount with everyday promotions to get even more savings! Only 1 loyalty discount per order is permitted.
  • Please see the Loyalty Reward Program Terms and Conditions and Loyalty FAQ for more details.
  • Must shop as a medical patient to accumulate points

Refer a Friend Basics:

  • On the social tab in your wallet link, find your referral link
  • Share with a friend that’s a medical patient
  • Once they shop, you will receive a $30 coupon in your wallet
  • Shop and redeem, its that easy!

Medical Marijuana Loyalty Rewards Program

Spend More, Save More

Sign up today to earn points that turn into discounts just for shopping with us.

Loyalty Basics:

  • Get 1 point for every $1 you spend
  • At 500 points, you receive $20 off on a future purchase.
  • You can STACK this discount with everyday promotions to get even more savings! Only 1 loyalty discount per order is permitted.
  • Please see the Loyalty Reward Program Terms and Conditions and Loyalty FAQ for more details.

Join Our Loyalty Rewards Program

Earn points that turn into discounts just by shopping with us.

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Loyalty FAQ

What if I am not a Medical Patient?

Points do NOT accumulate for anyone but medical patients. If you would like to participate in the Loyalty Rewards program, you must sign up to become a medical patient and then opt-in to loyalty.

How do I opt-in to loyalty?

You can opt-into loyalty on netacare.org/loyalty With opting into loyalty, you are also agreeing to receive marketing communications from us.  

What is the difference between points and a discount?

  • Earn 1 point for  every $1 spent. Dollar spend after discount applied.  It’s your final purchase total.
  • Expire on a 90-day  rolling basis if you do not shop with us
  • Points total in your wallet
  • $20 discount is  achieved when you reach 500 points and will be available in your wallet to  redeem
  • Expires when  earliest points accrued hits 3 months and takes you below 500-point threshold
  • Appears as a coupon  in wallet

How do I acquire points?

You acquire points just by shopping! You will earn one (1) reward point per dollar spent on qualifying goods purchased from NETA’s retail stores (whether purchased in-store or online from NETA website).  Taxes and fees, including, without limitation, shipping, handling, and delivery fees are excluded and ineligible for use in calculating reward points.


Do points expire?

Points expire on a rolling 3-month period from acquiring if you DO NOT SHOP.  Any point that is not redeemed will be removed from the wallet after 3 months of lapsed shopping.


Does my discount expire?

Your discount will expire if your balance drops below 500 points due to 3-month-old points expiring.


Can the loyalty discount be stacked?

Yes! The loyalty discount can be stacked with other daily promotions designated as stackable by NETA. Also, stackable with vouchers!


If I hit multiple 500-point thresholds, can I stack those discounts on top of each other?

You can only use 1 loyalty discount per order.  Once you use the discount, another one will populate if you are over the threshold.  


Are these discounts good for any NETA products?

Yes, the discount is good for all products and accessories.


Do I get points for all my past purchases with NETA?

No, you do not get any points for past purchases.  Once you opt-in to loyalty, you will earn points for all purchases going forward.  If you opt-in as an AU customer, you will NOT accrue any points. If you convert to become a medical patient, points will begin accumulating when you opt-in as a medical patient.


How do I check my points balance?

Click the wallet link that was provided in your welcome email. The home page will have your total points balance and show how many points are needed to reach your discount.  Don’t forget! You must create an account when you first get your wallet link. We like to keep things secure.


How quickly are points reflected in my wallet after purchase?

Points can take up to 24 hours to show up in your wallet.


Is there an easy way to save my wallet link?

You can save your wallet link to your home screen! Open your wallet link in safari.  Click on the enter button with arrow and scroll down to add to home screen.  Click the plus sign and hit add. You will need to remember your login and use it every time you want to view your wallet.


When do I know when points are ready to redeem?

You can always check your wallet and see what your point total is.  Once it hits 500, you are ready to start redeeming.  Additionally, we will send you an email once the threshold is hit as a reminder in case you are not checking your wallet frequently.


How do I redeem my discount?

When you are ready to redeem a discount, you simply hit the open button.  When you are in store, please show the guide the screen with the button that says, “Redeem in-store.” Once the guide has seen your coupon, please hit Redeem in-store. The discount is applied, and the guide will update the discount code on your order.


Can I redeem my discount online?

You cannot redeem your discount online; it must be applied at register.  


Can I redeem my discount on a delivery order?

Yes, you can redeem loyalty on a delivery order. Please include that in the notes when you make your order.


Once I hit 500 points, can I use the discount on that purchase?

No, once you hit 500 points, you will be able to use the discount on your next purchase. It can take a few days for points to be reflected in your wallet.


I lost my wallet link, what should I do?

If you received any recent emails from us on your point totals, your wallet link will be included.  Otherwise you can always callCustomer Care at 617-377-7408 and they can provide you the link.  


My loyalty points are not showing in my wallet. What should I do?

Loyalty points can take a few days to show.  If you do not see your points after a week, please call our Customer Care Center for assistance at 617-377-7408.


Can I opt-out of marketing communications, but stay in loyalty?

Yes, you can opt-out of communications post-loyalty signup. You must opt-in upon signup for us to send you your wallet link.  Post signup you are free to opt-out, but you will miss out on promotions, new products, and loyalty updates.


What if I do not have a smart phone, can I be a part of the loyalty program?

You do not need a smart phone to be part of the loyalty program.  You can sign up on a desktop, or call customer care to fill out the form for you.  


How will I know if my points are going to expire?

We will send you an automated email 15 days prior to a 90-day non purchase period to remind you to use your points for they will be forfeited.