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live cannabis concentrates

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Blast yourself into the stratosphere with our new line of premium live concentrates.

Live Badder

A shape-shifting sphere of mind-bending molecules.
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Live Sauce Vapes

Ethereal energy distilled into earth-bound elements.
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Live Rosin Vapes

Melted meteor particles poured into a vapeable vessel.
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Live Rosin

Comet tails condensed and ready for consumption.
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Live Bubble Hash

Stardust in a jar.
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Galileo products are cleaner, fresher, tastier and more potent than your
average concentrate.


Seek and you shall find, whether you’re an experienced consumer or a newly discovered being.

Live &
Let Fly

Galileo is made from fresh plant material, flash-frozen to lock in flavorful terps & cannabinoids.
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