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What is 710 Day?

"When flipped upside down, the number 710 spells OIL – making 7/10 the perfect day to celebrate the world of cannabis oils & concentrates."

March 12, 2024

July 10, also known as 710 Day, is cannabis culture’s second favorite unofficial holiday. When flipped upside down, the number 710 spells OIL – making 7/10 the perfect day to celebrate the world of cannabis oils & concentrates.

Oil Day, or Dab Day as some call it, doesn’t quite have the legendary history of its counterpart 4/20. No one really knows when 710 Day hit the scene, but the earliest recognized celebrations began in the 2010s as states like Colorado and California began to legalize recreational cannabis. This legalization made it safer and easier to access cannabis concentrates like oil, wax and shatter. As cannabis concentrates grew in popularity with both medical and recreational users alike, so did the 710 Day movement.

This year we’re getting in the 710 spirit with our staff’s favorite tips & tricks for creating the best concentrate experience you can.


The holy grail of 710 supplies, cannabis oil is available in many different forms and intake methods. The potency and concentration of this oil varies by product, but essentially cannabis oils are a concentrated form of cannabinoids and other molecules that are extracted from the raw plant material through a variety of processes. The most common forms of oil are vapes, distillate and full spectrum oil.


Pro tip:

Use a lower setting on your battery for the best flavor and smoothness.

– Lacie

Vape cartridges and pens are a great way for consumers who enjoy the fast onset time of flower but don’t like the experience of smoking.


Pro tip:

Run the Twistspenser under hot water for 30 seconds to loosen it up. Makes it much easier to dispense!

– Heather

Distillates are highly concentrated cannabis oils that may deliver potent, long-lasting effects. Consumers often use distillate to “dab,” or heat the oil on a specialized device that produces inhalable vapors. While it sounds similar to vaping, dabbing typically involves much more concentrated products and might not be the best option for new consumers.

Full Spectrum Oil (FSO)

Pro tip:

When consuming concentrates, like FSO, try to do it after a meal. THC binds to lipids, so having food in your stomach can typically help enhance your experience.

– Marisa

This type of oil, known in some places as Rick Simpson Oil, is made using a simplified extraction process that retains more of the plant’s natural terpene profile and beneficial plant lipids. It tends to be darker and thicker than most distillate, and may offer a more potent experience.

Other Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of different textures and consistencies, usually determined by the extraction process. There is no “best” concentrate out there – it’s all about what feels right for you.


Pro tip:

Try a cold start dab. Load product into your device prior to heating. Heat incrementally to produce enough vapor. Repeat until dose is achieved and product consumed.

– Quin

Shatter is full spectrum concentrate made using ethanol extraction. It has a brittle, glass-like texture that can easily be broken into smaller pieces for consistent dosing.

Soft Wax

Pro tip:

Toothpicks work so well for wax! Just do a little whipping action, make a little blob on top of the toothpick and plop that right onto your device.

– Rosa

Soft wax is made using C02 extraction, and has a uniquely pliable, sticky texture. Most people consume it on the same type of dabbing device that can be used for distillate, shatter and FSO.


Pro tip:

Store your concentrate in the freezer to preserve those beautiful, tasty terpene profiles.

– Michael

Kief is a solventless concentrate that’s produced by the plant itself. It’s collected by sifting flower buds through a series of fine mesh screens, producing a concentrate with a fine, sand-like consistency. If you’re new to concentrates (but enjoy smoking flower), kief might be a great option to try.

Whatever concentrate you choose, make sure to start low and go slow. Concentrates can be very potent, so it’s important that you start with small doses until you know how your body will react. And remember, you should always consult your physician before trying a new product.

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