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Summer Sweets

Beat the heat with a frosty treat!

August 29, 2023

Cloud Creamery Infused Ice Cream

5 MG THC | $10

Chocolate Truffle • Tanzanian Vanilla • Mint Chip • Pina Colada • S’mores • Java Brownie

High Dose! 50 MG THC | $30

Albarino Mimosa • Java Brownie  • Chocolate Truffle • Tanzanian Vanilla • Pina Colada

Buzzy Infused Soda

5 MG THC | $6

Orange Soda • Root Beer

(High)ce Cream Floats

  1. Grab your favorite tall glass (pro tip: freeze it for 30 min to make it extra frosty!)
  2. Fill it with Cloud Creamery Tanzanian Vanilla Ice Cream (around 2-3 scoops)
  3. Pour Buzzy Orange Soda or Root Beer on top of ice cream
  4. Enjoy!  

Cloud Creamery Infused Ice Cream available for in-store purchase only.

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Sip Your Worries Away

Refreshing, THC-infused beverage.

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