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for tHe holidays

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All the tips, tricks, recipes, and product recs you need to keep your holiday season merry & high.

Annual Holiday
Survival Guide

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Making a List & Checking It Twice

The in-laws are flying in, your crazy uncle is parking his RV in your driveway, and everyone is looking to you to create this year’s holiday cheer.  Time to decorate, cook, and make it nice!

How to Wrap
Gifts Like a Pro

Easy, step-by-step instructions for creating the perfectly packaged present for that special someone (or yourself).

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Season’s Greenings

Get the holidays rolling with these upbeat strains.

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how to get higharound people
who don't

Low-key swaps to help you stay high-key chill.

Spark a

Tired of catching your dad sneaking off with your edibles? Talk to your family about the benefits of becoming a medical patient!

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Eat, Drink, And be merry

What’s more fun than cooking up a holiday feast? Adding cannabis to it, of course.

‘Tis the time to try something new, whether you’re topping your classic charcuterie board with a few THC treats or melting away with a batch of homemade canna-cookies.

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Bake UP
a Newtradition

Take your favorite recipe, add a little THC, and enjoy.

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The holiday season is about spending time with your favorite people, whether they’re family, friends, or friends who feel like family. It’s time to spark some joy!

and to alla good high

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