Flo (Hybrid) - 0.5g Pre-Roll, 7ct


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Limited Edition PEACHES Pre-rolls by Palms.

Get your Peaches exclusively at NETA.

Genetics: Purple Thai x Afghani Indica

This Cannabis Cup winning strain is bred from Purple Thai and Afghani Indica. It has an earthy aroma with a hint of sweetness, and leaves most users with an uplifted, clear-headed mood accompanied by a mellow physical relaxation.

Hybrid strains typically contain genetic traits of both sativa and indica strains. This tends to produce a harmonious effect, with most people feeling a balance of physical relaxation and an uplifted mental state. Specific results will vary by person, strain and product.

Pre-rolls allow you to experience the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis in a traditional form of consumption. Our pre-rolls are ready to use, made with only plant-based and biodegradable materials.

Each pack includes 7 pre-rolls and 1 lighter.

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