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Bubble Me Up, Babe.

Live Bubble Hash is here, and not to be dramatic but it’s literally everything you could possibly want in a concentrate. 

March 28, 2023

But I’m mostly a flower person, concentrates aren’t my thing.

Do you like to top off a pre-roll or bowl with a dusting of kief? You need to try Live Bubble Hash.

Live Bubble Hash is a solventless concentrate made by filtering fresh, undried cannabis flower through an ice water bath to collect the trichomes (aka the good stuff), then freeze-dried to preserve the tasty terpenes and potent cannabinoids that make up the true essence of the strain.  

The result is a natural concentrate that’s soft, powdery, and easy to sprinkle onto your favorite flower. It’s also incredibly versatile. 

Want more flavor in your flower? 

Season it with a dash of Bubble Hash before you roll it up.

Want to pump up the potency? 

Bubble Hash typically tests at 40-65% THCa with 2-5% terpenes.

Want to customize your cannabis consumption? 

Try combining a new Bubble Hash strain with your favorite flower, you little mixologist you. 

Want that OG hash? 

Okay, OG, we see you. Leave your Bubble Hash outside the fridge and it’ll morph into the thicker, pastier ball of hash you know and love.  

Pro Tip

Stash your Bubble Hash in the fridge to keep it dry & fresh.

Check out these Live BubbleHash strains:

  • Animal Zkittlez
  • Peanut Butta Crunch
  • Modified Punch
  • Wedding Pie

Strain availability will vary by location. 

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